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Founded through the awareness, capability, and expertise of the people behind it, Tathqeef is a training and continuing medical education center for medical and health professionals which are accredited by the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi.

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Tathqeef is a specialized center that provides Continuing Medical Education (CME) / Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to medical professionals and other healthcare providers. These programs will help in keeping medical professionals up-to-date with the most recent advancements and research findings in the medical and healthcare industry. In addition, healthcare providers and medical professionals will be able to acquire an advanced set of skills and range of valuable medical information. Through all this, they will be able to provide specialized and efficient services to the community and the country.

Our programs are interactive with a strong focus on audience participation. The topics can be varied and tailored to the specific needs of individuals/institutions.

  • Department of Health-Abu Dhabi CME Certification

Scientific Activities Tathqeef offers are accredited and certificates are awarded under the approval of Department of Health-Abu Dhabi with CME Hours.


  • International or Local Known Certification

Tathqeef has extensive expertise in applying and acquiring any accreditation / endorsement to any known international or local authorities.

Scientific Programs

Tathqeef can offer specific healthcare certification programs which aim to keep healthcare professionals up-to-date in their practice to comply with international advancement in their field. Tathqeef Certification programs focus on communities, education, and medical/nutritional assessments.



A full-day program that is composed of lectures and participant interaction.



Tathqeef has conducted International Growth and Development Conference (IGDC) since 2017 and runs 2 editions physically with over 300 participants and different stakeholders. During the covid era, IGDC was conducted virtually.



The nutrition and Health Symposium consist of a series of interactive hands-on workshops for 1 full day.



With 2 Hours workshop hosted through Zoom, Tathqeef provides a program that will have a mix of lectures, and participants interaction for 1 hour and a half while 30 minutes is dedicated to the audience to ask the speaker for their clarifications.


Leadership Program

Middle East Leadership Program – Healthcare (ME-LP) is a unique development program that furnishes experienced healthcare professional managers with crucial skills for performance-oriented leaders in a globalized environment. This is an intensive training program for personal and growth development that aims to enhance managerial skills as well as soft skills of the leaders.

Exclusive Scientific Coordination

Tathqeef believes in the health organizations’ purpose of bringing the latest and advanced medical knowledge to their company, certifications such as CME & CPD. This will benefit both their growth and awareness among the health professionals who work in the specific organization. Tathqeef offers full training event coordination for organizations that wish to increase their qualifications through certified workshops or scientific activities that are tailored to their requirements.

From bringing the expert/consultant speakers to arranging the venue to getting the necessary training approvals and certifications, Tathqeef can provide it all for you. Armed with experience, our network, and our passion for bringing technological activities that can help enhance the expertise of medical professionals, our approach is very articulate and efficient. We will make it happen for you according to your requirements with our specialties, thus making the training event handling easy and possible.

Scientific Research

Research is one of the most reliable ways to answer questions about ourselves and the world around us. Understanding and finding the answers to our questions is important because it can help us create new medicines, technologies, and resources

Tathqeef can help you devour the steps of your research interest to publications.

Scientific Journal

TathQeef Scientific Publishing is an emerging international publisher of 20+ open-access, online, peer-reviewed journals in all major fields of scientific research from various academic disciplines.


At TathQeef, we publish high-quality open-access journals through its efficient e-journal publishing platform - Update Publishing through advanced OJS technology for article handling and publishing. Some of our journals are published on behalf of learned societies and research organizations.


We aim to serve the scientific community with recent literature in an easily accessible manner through Open Access way. We provide recent scientific updates in all scientific fields and disciplines.


Many of the TathQeef Scientific Journals are free journals, there is no handling or article processing fees in most of our journals. We believe that Article Processing Fee (APC) should not be a barrier for authors to publish their high-quality research.


We are strict in maintaining high quality for publishing articles, as all our journals are peer reviewed and we strictly follow the anti-plagiarism policy. See our Journal policies on respective journal pages.


Our Journals are indexed by various abstracting and indexing agencies worldwide. For more information, please visit the respective journal pages, under “Indexing”


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