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Dietary/Ergogenic Supplements, Efficacy & Safety Workshop

Activity Date: 31st August 2018 - 31st August 2018
Activity Time - 09:00 - 05:00
Venue: Dubai, UAE
Course Provider: Mr. Amjad Jarrar
Course Type: Workshop

Dietary supplement is a product intended for ingestion that contains a "dietary ingredient" intended to add further nutritional value to (supplement) the diet. If the objective was to improve or enhance physical performance or ergogenic aids, supplementation will be classified as ergogenic supplements. Ergogenic aids defined as A physical, mechanical, nutritional, psychological, or pharmacological substance or treatment that either directly improves physiological variables associated with exercise performance or removes subjective restraints which may limit physiological capacity”. In this activity we will discuss the difference between dietary supplements and ergogenic supplement, safety and scientific reports about some common supplements. By the completion of this workshop, the participant will be able to: • Differentiate between dietary supplements and ergogenic supplements • Most safe and reliable sources for supplements • Differentiate between claims and fact
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