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Food Safety and HACCP for Dietitians - Workshop 1

Activity Date: 12th September 2015 - 13th September 2015
Activity Time - 09:00 - 05:00
Venue: Al Bustan Rotana Hotel Dubai UAE
Course Provider: Ms. Johaina Idriss
Course Type: Workshop

As dietitians, we need to ensure the safety of foods offered to the public by applying an appropriate food safety control system. This workshop allows you to explore the different aspects of food safety, learn how to follow the 12 steps and apply the 7 principles of HACCP or developing a control system that is based on these principles. Furthermore, this workshop will allow the dietitians to train in the field of food safety and/or HACCP, in order to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and competences that will give them the edge over most food service managers, who don’t have dietetic or nutrition background, and allow them to combine their nutrition knowledge with food safety and food service management skills. Learn the deeper insights of ensuring patients/clients’ safety from foodborne illnesses and learn how to manage and train food handlers in the various aspects of the food safety that will decrease the incidence rate of foodborne illnesses among the patients/client.

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