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Non-Prescription Medications (OTC): An Overview

Activity Date: 6th September 2014 - 7th September 2014
Activity Time - 09:00 - 05:00
Venue: Gloria Hotel, Dubai, UAE
Course Provider: Dr. Wijdan Ramadan
Course Type: Workshop

13.25 CME Hours (HAAD) and anticipating not less than 10 CPD Credit Units (DHA)

Many medications have been shifted, according to FDA, from prescribed to over the counter (OTC) products. With the over the counter medications, patients feel free to select the products they want without consultation of the physicians or the pharmacists that could be a drawback on their health.  Being OTC medications does not mean that these medications are completely safe with no side effects or contraindications. Thus, it is the role of the pharmacists to know all important details about the OTC medications in order to counsel the patients about them and guide them in selecting the optimal therapy.

Learn the deeper insights of the Non-prescription Medications and know your roles in management of OTC products.

Target Participants: Pharmacists, Clinical Pharmacists, Pharmacists Intern, Pharmacist Supervisor, Senior Pharmacists and Health Educators

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