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Part II: Patient Safety & Infection Control

Activity Date: 11th August 2018 - 11th August 2018
Activity Time - 09:00 - 05:00
Venue: Dubai, UAE
Course Provider: Dr. Samar El Feky
Course Type: Workshop

Patients in long-term healthcare facilities are at higher risk for developing HAIs, particularly with invasive medical procedures such as urinary catheters or surgical interventions. With increasing life expectancy and increase the number of elderly population, in addition of increasing prevalence of chronic non-communicable diseases, the need for long-term care facilities continues to rise. Therefore, there is a need for proactive prevention to prevent and limit the spread of infection in healthcare settings. These increase the need for training health care workers on early detection, infection control, and hand hygiene as key elements to patient safety and infection control to increase the compliance and adherence to infection control measures across the continuum of care. By the end of the training course; the participants will be able to: • Summarize the concepts of infection prevention and control. • Describe the chain of infection as it applies to infection prevention and control. • Describe workplace practices to protect the patient from healthcare-associated infections. • Discuss workplace practices for minimizing the risk of healthcare workers’ exposures to infectious diseases. • Discuss types of personal protective equipment, work practices, for protection from HAIs. • Apply infection control principles as appropriate for the specific work environment. Target Participants: Physicians, General Practitioners, Nurses, Laboratory Technicians, Paramedical, Dentist and Health Facilities’ Managers

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