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Patient Counselling Skills to Facilitate Lifestyle Behavior Changes

Activity Date: 17th April 2015 - 18th April 2015
Activity Time - 09:00 - 05:00
Venue: Gloria Hotel Dubai
Course Provider: Dr. Habiba Ali
Course Type: Workshop

Behavior change theories provide the framework for individualizing nutrition counseling interventions to meet the needs of clients who may have varying levels of motivation, confidence, environmental support, and skills. Use of behavior theories and models in nutrition counseling provides proven strategies to enhance counseling effectiveness. For example, more than 27 studies, including 23RCTs provide evidence that use of behavior change theories is beneficial in facilitating modification of targeted dietary habits (e.g. decreased energy from fat, increased intake of fruits and vegetables), weight management and cardiovascular and diabetes risk factors. Learn the deeper insights of the applications of behavior change theories in nutrition counseling and the stage-matched nutrition counseling strategies to facilitate nutrition behavior changes in clients.
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