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Tathqeef Scientific Publishing

Scientific Journals

TathQeef Scientific Publishingis an emerging international publisher of 20+ open access, online, peer-reviewed journals in all major fields of scientific research from various academic disciplines.

At TathQeef, we publish high quality open access journals through its efficient e-journal publishing platform - Update Publishing through advanced OJS ...

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Join Editorial Boards

TathQeef Scientific Journals have eminent editorial board members in all the subject areas. For more information, please visit the respective journal pages, under “Editorial Board”. If you are interested to join in any of our journals, please apply ...

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Starting your own journal

TathQeef Scientific Publishing is providing cutting edge technology for journal publishers. Organizations, societies or individuals can launch new journals in TathQeef Scientific Publishing platform which is backed by the latest version of OJS technology. We welcome proposals for new open access journals in all scientific areas. If you are interested in starting a ...

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Why Publish with Us?

At TathQeef Scientific Publishing we are committed to quality through strict peer review process. The authors are getting maximum exposure to their article through open access platform and in turn increased citations of their work.

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Become a Partner

Scientific Societies and organizations can hand over/co-publish their existing journals to TathQeef and to become partner with us. If you have one journal or more than one journal, we have competitive pricing which will be affordable to you according to your publishing needs.

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Scientific Publishing Services

At TathQeef we provide all the pre-print services like typesetting and format editing. Our typesetters are experts at composing neat and clean printable layouts with an exceptional ability to deliver your journal layout to the reader.

Conference Proceedings

TathQeef Scientific Publishing publishes special issues or proceedings from ...

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