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TathQeef Scientific Publishingis an emerging international publisher of 20+ open access, online, peer-reviewed journals in all major fields of scientific research from various academic disciplines.

At TathQeef, we publish high quality open access journals through its efficient e-journal publishing platform - Update Publishing through advanced OJS technology for article handling and publishing. Some of our journals are published on behalf of learned societies and research organizations.

Our aim is to serve the scientific community with recent literature in an easy accessible manner through Open Access way. We provide recent scientific updates in all scientific fields and disciplines.

Many of the TathQeef Scientific Journals are free journals, there are no handling or article processing fee in most of our journals. We believe that, Article Processing Fee (APC) should not be a barrier for authors to publish their high quality research.

We are strict in maintaining high quality for publishing articles, as all our journals are peer reviewed and we strictly follow the anti-plagiarism policy. See our Journal policies in respective journal pages.

Our Journals are indexed by various abstracting and indexing agencies worldwide. For more information, please visit the respective journal pages, under “Indexing


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