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Founded through the awareness, capability, and expertise of the people behind it, Tathqeef is a training and continuing medical education center for medical and health professionals which are accredited by the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi.

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Food Service Management for Dietitians

Food Service Management for Dietitians


  • 13.5 CME Hours (HAAD)

Food service managers in the field of dietetics and nutrition depend on proper training in performing their managerial function. First and most importantly, they need the knowledge and insights into the various components of management. Second, skill, competence, and training enhance their performance and increase their efficiency. Finally, most food service managers don’t have dietetic or nutrition background, which calls for food service management-trained dietitians/nutritionists that will combine their nutrition knowledge with food service management skills. This workshop allows dietitians to learn the deeper insights of identifying essential and appropriate managerial approaches to increase their effectiveness and efficiency of performance in food service operations and various food production settings. Furthermore, they will be able to enhance their resources management skills.