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Founded through the awareness, capability, and expertise of the people behind it, Tathqeef is a training and continuing medical education center for medical and health professionals which are accredited by the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi.

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Key's to Health and Fitness: “Stay Fit for Life”

Key's to Health and Fitness: “Stay Fit for Life”


  • Anticipated not less than 6 CME -DOH

enlightenedWORKSHOP SESSIONSenlightened

* Keys to Promoting Healthy Behavior

* How to get rid of your First Enemy (Oxidation). Free Electrolytes Oxidation

* Learn the Art of Relaxation (Relaxation is your Way to Health and Fitness).

* How to Train our Mind on Healthy Eating Habits (Brain Programming Memory Food).

* Keys to Achieving Fitness 

* The Reality of Exercise (Intensive Exercise).

* The Quality of Physical Activities suitable for Fitness Goals.

* How to maintain Lost Weight in Healthy Ways (Burn our Calories and Sleep).

* Ten Food and Physical Activity Fads.

* How to get rid of Loss Skin and Look Younger.