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Founded through the awareness, capability, and expertise of the people behind it, Tathqeef is a training and continuing medical education center for medical and health professionals which are accredited by the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi.

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Sports Nutrition

Sports Nutrition


  • 12.5 CME Hours (HAAD)
  • 11.5 CPD Credit Units (DHA)

Sport nutrition is a new and growing field in UAE and Gulf region. The role of sport nutritionist not only limited to the food provided to athletes it is extend to include assessment of anthropometric and physical status to plan pre-exercise, post exercise meals to adjust ratio between carbohydrate and protein that promote anabolism or support maintenance, selection of sport drink, education and selection and evaluating benefits of supplements and ergogenic aids. Learn the deeper insights of sports nutrition and how to use and assess anthropometric measurements for athletes, and how to use food/nutrition to support energy requirements before, during and after exercise.